MerchINTs Cleaning & Services

MerchINTs BV is an enthusiastic, international trading company that moves on the industrial market with its daughter MerchINTs Cleaning & Services BV (MC&S). MerchINTs was founded in the Netherlands in the year 2000 and has been providing innovative products and solutions for bottlenecks in industrial cleaning since. 

The introduction of these products comes along with strategic and technical knowhow. Superior cleaning agents and pneumatic cleaning tools are the backbone of MC&S' marketing program. Beside marketing them, MC&S develops means and methods for the use of these products. 
For the aviation industry MC&S developed the Cleaning Kit for Aircraft Vacuum Toilet Systems in conjunction with Cee-Bee Aviation products.

The Cleaning Kit is also available for Vacuum Toilet Systems in de maritime industry. For this market MC&S developed the Smart Concept for vacuum toilet system cleaning maintenance, again in conjunction with the Cee-Bee cleaning products.